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Domestic Air Conditioning in Peterborough

Affordable, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for your home.

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// Domestic Solutions

Long gone are the days where air conditioning is reserved for offices or workspaces. Air conditioning is more affordable, accessible and stylish than ever, and more and more people are recognising the benefits of installing air conditioning units in their home. Whether it be a conservatory, a bedroom, or a home gym, air conditioning has the potential to transform any room and keep the perfect temperature all year round. 

Our experts are on hand to assist you on your journey to a cooler, happier home. From advice, to installation, and ongoing maintenance, we're here to help. 

// Benefits of home air conditioning

Efficient heating and cooling

Did you know air conditioning is the most cost-effective way to heat and cool your home? So you could save money, and the planet at the same time

Improved health for your family

The filtration that happens as the air is heated or cooled also reduces toxic dust, debris and pollen -  so you breath cleaner air. Perfect for those with allergies. Not to mention, it's been proving that temperature plays a part in how well you sleep.  

Security and lower noise pollution

With your windows and doors shut your home is less at risk of intrusion, burglary and theft, and you're less likely to encounter noise pollution from outside. Most modern air conditioning run quietly too. 

Protect your property 

With home air conditioning you can prevent your electronic devices from overheating and avoid wooden furniture from warping due to excessive heat. 

Prevent mould and bacteria

Home air conditioning reduces humidity and dampness, preventing mould and bacteria from spreading and keeping you safe, healthy and cool.

// Why choose us?

  • Years of experience from our fully accredited and friendly team

  • Trusted supplier of some of the top brands, with savings passed on directly to you

  • Hundreds of happy customers and a satisfaction guarantee

  • Affordable, highly competitive cost of installation 

  • Free, no obligation visit to discuss your requirements and advise on the best solution

  • After-care, service and ongoing maintenance available


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