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The term air conditioning makes people immediately think of a system to cool you down in the heat of the summer or in hot climates. Many could not think why anyone would use winter air conditioning. What many people do not realise is that air conditioning is a term for a heating and cooling system that can be used all year round. Winter air conditioning does not mean freezing air is blasted into the home, rather that the air conditioning operates in a reverse cycle to warm the air. In fact, winter air conditioning is one of the most affordable and economical heating systems you can choose for your home.

//Winter Air Conditioning Benefits.........

Air conditioning offers many benefits but one that is particularly relevant during the wintertime is the air filtration system. Winter is a time when people spend a lot of time indoors in close confinement with other people especially around the Christmas holiday periods. Air conditioning helps by keeping the air in the home fresh and free from dust particles and other pollutants and can even help to control germs spreading. Ideal for allergy sufferers, your pets will no longer be making your guests sneeze or dabbing at their watering eyes.

// Installation.....

Installing air conditioning in the wintertime means you will not be under any pressure with the installation as can often be the case towards summer, when air conditioning servicing is busy and people scrabble to get systems installed to cope with the hot weather. You will not only be luxuriating in perfect warmth, you will be able to look forward to the summer time knowing there will be no more nights of tossing and turning in a stuffy overheated bedroom or feeling sluggish when trying to get on with jobs or in your home office during the warmer times of the year

//Offices and Retail Spaces.....

It is not just homes that benefit from an air conditioning system to use all year round. All types of offices and retail spaces can benefit too. Research shows that with good quality air conditioning systems, productivity and efficiency improve. Workers also demonstrate better performance. Clearly apart from the other benefits, winter air conditioning to keep employees warm is every bit as important as keeping them cool in summer time.

//Air Conditioning Types?

There are several air conditioning solutions in the market. For home summer and winter air conditioning there are different kinds of systems such as split ceiling and floor systems, ceiling only, multi split inverter, wall mounted inverter, plasma clean inverter. The different types of air conditioning systems ensure there is one to suit your budget and your environment. Many air conditioning units can be integrated into your home to look like a painting on the wall or can be discretely hidden behind an interior design grille in a cupboard. Practicality and good looks are the hallmark of air conditioning systems these days.

Winter air conditioning is also necessary for conservatories and sun lounges. A simple stand-alone air conditioning unit can make your conservatory a wonderful place to enjoy winter afternoons and as a bonus will keep you cool, when your conservatory gets hot during summer days. Think of the benefits of keeping an ambient temperature in your conservatory. It means you have extra space to do as you please making full use of this expensive addition to your home, simply by adding some winter air conditioning.

There are many features that make winter air conditioning systems a good investment.

  • 1. Quiet operation. These systems are very quiet so there are no noise disturbances or annoying background noises.

  • 2. The desired temperature is reached quickly and efficiently saving on energy costs. Instant operation means you have control at the push of a button.

  • 3. Energy savings. Air conditioning systems consume less energy and are improving in energy efficiency all the time. There is a relatively short payback period and you will enjoy seeing your electricity bills reduce.

The largest concern for a lot of people is the cost to acquire a suitable winter air conditioning system. The benefits of these systems mean they outweigh the initial costs and save over the long term in energy bills. We have air conditioning systems to suit all homes, offices and budgets and can show you what we have available and will discuss the options that best suit your installation project......


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